March 21, 2009

Adventism Around the World

capF 1rom humble beginnings in New England, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has spread around the world with 14 million members in more than 200 countries. With so much growth, the church is facing unique challenges in every part of the world. The following stories from our archives give a small sample of the tapestry of Adventism, outlining the strengths and concerns of the church within diverse cultures.

Island of Tears 
The tsunami behind them, Adventists in Sri Lanka want to move the island beyond tears to hope.

Korea: Grace Through Suffering 
Former Adventist Review editor William G. Johnsson shares the untold story of Korea's church.

Changing Times in Great Britain 
The Adventist Church in Great Britain has changed dramatically over the decades. It's diverse and multi-racial. But diversity brings its own tensions and challenges.

Remember Grenada -- and Ivan the Terrible 
Roy Adams reports on how the Adventist Church is coping after Hurricane Ivan.

Romania: Uniquely Adventist 
Once a Communist stronghold, this country is now basking in the glow of revitalized Christianity.

Drive in Church 
Amsterdam's Ghanaian Adventists grow where they're planted.

In Search of People 
How the Adventist Church Entered Turkey

Blooming in the Heart of Thailand
A dazzling young college comes into its own.