March 8, 2006

A New Psalm

capIn the Psalms there is a recounting of God’s deliverance of Israel from Egypt, His care over them, and His settling them into the Promised Land. God is praised for His wonderful works toward His people.
Those events tell of God’s power. They tell of His love and faithfulness in bringing to pass His purposes. But Christians today have a greater deliverance to proclaim. We have greater acts of God that made us what we are and that provide for us a glorious future.
The thought came to me to use the Psalms to tell of the great things the Lord has done for us. The following is a “takeoff” of Psalm 107:
(Read verses 1-3 [then])
We wandered in the darkness of sin under the shadow of death.
Separated from God we found no rest to dwell in.
Our stomachs were full, but our hearts were heavy.
Our eyes were surfeited, while our minds cried out for joy and peace.
In God’s planned time He sent Jesus, born for us.
Born in the City of David, fulfilling His ancient word.
Jesus grew as a tender plant receiving from God all He provided.
Sacred Scripture was His bread, His guide.
He gave Himself to love God with all His mind and heart and strength.
God prepared His way by a man named John,
A voice for God, calling out in the wilderness of human culture.
John climaxed his work by introducing to the world
“The Lamb of God who bears away the sin of the world.”
“He is before me. I am unworthy to touch His shoe.
He must increase; I must decrease.” Amen, Amen.
O Lord, our God, how great are Your thoughts toward me,
Humans cannot explain how You work.
God, who caused light to shine out of darkness, shined on me.
As Mary became an expectant mother, something grew within me.
That which I longed for, but did not know it even existed, came to be.
Savior, Father, Your work in Christ is greater than sending plagues on Pharaoh.
It is greater work than delivering Israel out of Egypt,
Greater than bringing them through the Red Sea.
It surpasses Your creation of heaven and earth.
How marvelous is Your work, O God!
We praise You! Extol You! Worship You!
David Manzano writes from Harriman, Tennessee.