February 23, 2006

WCC Report 2 News

The news items below, prepared by WCC staff and posted here, are offered for information only and do not necessarily represent the viewpoints or beliefs of Adventist leaders attending the WCC Assembly, the General Conference, or the Adventist Review.
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Concern Over Coca-Cola
An activist from India, Angelious Michael, called for the boycott of Coca-Cola products because a lot of water from the community is diverted to their factory while their waste products pollute the environment. This denies water to people living in the neighbourhood, he said.

Michael, who is Youth Desk Programme Coordinator from Jeypore Evangelical Lutheran Church in India, said, "Water is a gift from God not only to human beings but to His entire creation as well." He was explaining about a water shortage situation in two Indian villages in the southern state of Kerala.

When the two plants opened their factories near the villages, the ground water levels sunk. When the villagers investigated, they found out that the water was being diverted to the two plants to make Coca-Cola.

An In-tents Experience
Here a tent, there a tent: You can?t go far on the Pontifícia Universidade Católica campus without seeing one. In the subtropical climate of Porto Alegre, they provide a perfect spot for displays or gatherings.

1506 WCCThe largest of the lot is the massive worship tent, a circus-type structure under which several thousand people can sit. Its blue, red, and green stripes add a colourful atmosphere to morning and evening prayers each day. It is the first thing Assembly participants see as they get on or off buses providing transportation to area hotels.

At other spots on the campus sit the indigenous peoples? tent and the arts and crafts tent, where jewelry, shirts, and other items with local flavour can be purchased. A green tent houses the Ecumenical Water Network, and next to that are three white youth tents sitting in a row. In addition to getting updates on activities posted on a board, youth can relax in numerous bean-bag chairs or listen to music under the shelter.