October 19, 2005

Send Me!

"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?' And I said, 'Here am I. Send me!'" (Isa. 6:8, NIV).

Maranatha Volunteers International
Volunteer for adventure! Maranatha Volunteers International coordinates short-term mission projects (two weeks in length) for church and school groups and individuals with a passion for service. Projects typically involve construction and/or renovation activities, along with outreach. Each year we mobilize more than 2,000 volunteers to locations all over the world, including North America. People are invited to join an existing Maranatha project or coordinate their own through our experienced staff. For more information on upcoming service opportunities, visit www.maranatha.org or call (916) 920-1900.

Listed below are some of Maranatha's annual projects. Everyone is invited to join; no construction skills required. Learn more about each of these trips by visiting our Web site.

Individual Service Opportunities, Year-round
For individuals, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available throughout the year. These projects are organized by Maranatha, and they are open to everyone. These service opportunities change from year to year, so to see a current listing, check the Project Finder on our Web site at www.maranatha.org.

Take Your Team on a Project, Year-round
If you are interested in organizing a mission trip for your church, school, company, or family, Maranatha can help you find a location, organize a project, and provide in-country support staff for your trip. With more than 36 years of experience coordinating mission trips, Maranatha is a great resource for your team.

Ultimate Workout, July
The Ultimate Workout is a mission trip for teenagers, ages 14-18. Young volunteers join together to construct churches or schools, teach Vacation Bible School, and coordinate community service activities in Latin America. Next year celebrates the Ultimate Workout's sixteenth year!

Collegiate/Young Adult Project, Late Summer
The Collegiate/Young Adult project is for volunteers between the ages of 18-40. It's a special opportunity for college students and young professionals to meet other Christians from around the world while working together to serve those in need.

1543 story10Family Projects, June and December
The Family Projects are designed to provide a wide range of activities for people of all ages, so that everyone can participate. The projects involve construction or renovations, along with family-oriented activities. Two types of Family Projects are offered: The Summer Family Project (June) takes place in North America; The Christmas Family Project (December) is set in Latin America.

Multiple Group Project, March
For those church or school groups unable to build a full-sized mission project team (25 or more), there is a solution. The Multiple Group Project invites smaller groups (15 or fewer) to join in creating a full-sized construction team. Past projects have taken place in Latin America.

India, Fall and Winter
Volunteers are invited to join in one of the most exciting mission opportunities of our time. In India, where Christianity is growing rapidly, people are needed to build churches and also to coordinate evangelism meetings.

ADRA International
The Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA) is an independent humanitarian agency established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church with the purpose of individual and community development and disaster relief around the world. We help people in more than 120 countries without regard to age, ethnicity, politics, or religion.

ADRA International has the following openings for positions in Silver Spring, Maryland:

Director for Health
The director for health provides global leadership to ADRA's health programs, including the development of new proj-ects. The director also provides technical support and guidance to ensure quality performance for existing health programs.

Director for Economic Development
The director for economic development provides global leadership to ADRA's microenterprise programs, including the development of new projects. The director also provides technical support and guidance to ensure quality performance for existing economic development programs.

ADRA is seeking consultants who can participate in short-term assignments. Consul-tants will participate in a team to develop grant proposals, evaluate program activities, and provide technical assistance in economic development, food security, primary health, basic education, and emergency management.

ADRA International network offices in Afghanistan and South Sudan have openings for:

Country Directors
The country director manages all activities related to country programs. These activities include supervision of staff; representing ADRA with governments, donors, missions, and others; development of new programs, strategies, and policies; implementation of programs; monitoring and evaluation of programs and other activities.

For further details on the job descriptions, qualifications, and to apply, please visit our Web site at www.ADRA.org.

Adventist Volunteer Ministries Network
The taskforce program of the Adventist Volunteer Ministries Network deploys volunteers to serve in institutions within the boundaries of the North American Division. Volunteers over 18 years of age can serve as assistants in a local church, academy, or conference for 9-12 months. Room, board, and a small stipend are provided.

The following are samples of available opportunities:

1543 story10International Volunteers Intern at the North American Division in Maryland. Assist in processing applications and working with volunteer applicants for international deployment. Data entry, answering phones, maintaining files. Must be organized and love details. Hands-on training. Typing skills required. Beginning as soon as possible for 10-12 months.

Youth Pastor at Canyonville Adventist Church in Oregon.
Provide leadership for young adult and youth programming. Develop Pathfinder Club; help with music; lead outdoor "Chapel in the Woods." General pastoral work. September 2005 through May 2006.

ESL and Bible Instructors at California Adams College in California.

Teach English as a second language, and Bible to young adults. Must be culturally sensitive, creative, and driven. Willing to train. Begin October for one year.

For more information and/or for other opportunities, visit our Web site: www.HeSaidGo.net or call (800) 331-2767.

The following are volunteer mission opportunities and contact information with ASI (Adventist-Laymen's Services and Industries International) entities:

La Vida Mission
Telephone: 505-786-5539
E-mail: [email protected]

Laymen Ministries
Telephone: 800-245-1844
E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: 800-400-0023
E-mail: [email protected]

North American Division Global Mission Opportunities
Adventists in North America have taken ownership of Jesus' commission. We have accepted His mission as our own--to go to every city and town, to every people group and language, to every family and person in North America . . . to make disciples, to teach them what Jesus commanded in His Word, and to baptize them. We are doing this because every member is a minister, and because our pastors are casting the vision, leading, and helping each member find his or her place in ministry. As God's family we are committed to sharing the gospel around the world--and right here in our homeland. Whatever the cost. We are doing it for the joy that is ahead: of seeing people we have invited entering God's kingdom.

Ministry opportunities are all around us. Below are some specific invitations for service. Please pray about these ministry sites, and ask God if you are the person or family He needs for one of these challenging opportunities.--Don Schneider, NAD President

Alaska Conference
Kodiak Island, the emerald isle of Alaska, has a beautiful little church that needs help. We need medical workers, church planting leaders, and children's ministry leaders.

1543 story10Togiak is a small Eskimo village on the west coast of Alaska. People are pleading for someone to come and teach them. We have a lively small church there with a little parsonage, but we need leadership.

For more information on these and other opportunities, call or e-mail Ken Crawford, president, at 907-346-1004 or [email protected]. Or check out our Web site at www.alaskaconference.org.

Georgia-Cumberland Conference
Emory-Adventist Hospital in Smyrna, Georgia, is planting a unique style of church right on their premises. They have been meeting for the past four months. The unique part of their church (called "The Open Church") is that attendees are made up of invited patients and patient families who are not Adventists, and who are being taught about Jesus Christ and the three angels' messages.

We need volunteers who will be "on-site" to work along- side the leaders of this exciting new church plant. Their primary job would be to go into the neighborhoods where these patients/patient families live and build relationships with them and their neighbors. The volunteers would bring an invaluable service by stabilizing these attendees through consistent loving care and service.

For more information, call or e-mail Pastor Bill Levin: (770) 778-4017 or [email protected].

Change Point Community Mission Group is a developing cell church reaching people in the north Atlanta area. This is a highly interactive church that focuses on ministering to families and singles. They are looking for people willing to establish a consistent presence in middle-income apartment communities. These volunteers will become a part of apartment life by welcoming new neighbors, planning social events, and ministering in times of need. Volunteers need to possess the ability to share their faith through the strength of developed relationships, have a servant's heart, be willing to plan "need-based events," enjoy meeting new people, and have a mature Christian walk. They will work side by side with the leaders of Change Point to help fulfill the gospel commission.

For more information, call or e-mail Pastor Bill Levin: (770) 778-4017 or [email protected].

Rocky Mountain Conference
Servant Leaders for a new church Common Ground is a new church community in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. Launched just under a year ago, this church is committed to knowing God better and seeking to reach the lost at any cost. Our target audience is young professional families. We average 80 in attendance each week. Currently about one third of our attendees are Adventists, another third are Christians from other faiths, and the remaining third are unchurched seekers. We need committed Adventist Christians to help us disciple those coming in the doors!

Please contact Gary Walter at [email protected] or call him at 719-302-2918. Their Web site is www.commonground.org.